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"Cheryl Prashker is one of the greatest (and smartest)  musicians I've ever had the pleasure and honor of working with. "   - Eric Andersen

"Everything sounds better with you on it" — David Amram

"I love being able to ride the train instead of having to pull it myself.  You made for a smooth ride"   - Lowell Levinger "Banana" of The Youngbloods

"I saw Cheryl at several venues over the years and loved both her feel on percussion and her vibe on stage.” — Jonathan Edwards, April 2007; as written by Fern Brodkin in The Phoenixville News 

“I love working with a percussionist who can make the instrument tell a story.” — Tracy Grammer 

“Cheryl, you were the perfect percussionist last night, striking the most tasteful and appropriate surfaces when those hits were most needed. Nice work—as always.” — Gene Shay; The Folk Show WXPN